JHXL Dirty Sulfur Pumps

    JH Pumps has been providing production of vertical submerged molten sulfur pumps for over decades based on its own prior experience of manufacturing heavy-duty sulfuric acid pumps. JH Pumps offers a family of steam-jacketed sulfur pumps to meet a diversity of applications for the production, transfer and processing of sulfur from its points of production to the major points of use in sulfuric acid plants.


 ●Transfer of dirty molten sulfur


Key Characteristics

 Capacities: 1 to 250m³/h

 4.4 to 1100USgpm

 Heads: 10 to 50m

32.8 to 164feet

 Pressures: Up to 1.6Mpa

 Temperatures: Up to 160℃

                         Up to 320℉


 ●No need to equipped with suction strainer at intake.

 ●Patented special alloy for wetted parts.

 ●Rolling bearing uses grease refilled straightly through a filling port on bearing housing.

 ●Extended suction pipe is available to lengthening submerged length.


 ●Semi-open impeller type ensures use for delivering dirty medium in which the size of the impurities could be up to φ18mm, which prevents rotator from being locked caused by fouling of submerged rotator clearances.

 ●Rigid shaft that can withstand large radial loads assures longer service life.

 ●Steam-jacket prevents medium from solidifying for smooth operation.

 ●Grid coupling ensures better component alignment, vibration absorption and ease of assembly and dismantling.