JHL Molten Sulfur Pumps

    JH Pumps has been providing production of vertical submerged molten sulfur pumps for over decades based on its own prior experience of manufacturing heavy-duty sulfuric acid pumps. JH Pumps offers a family of steam-jacketed sulfur pumps to meet a diversity of applications for the production, transfer and processing of sulfur from its points of production to the major points of use in sulfuric acid plants.


 ●Sulfuric Acid Plant



Key Characteristics

 Capacities: 1 to 250m³/h

4.4 to 1100USgpm

 Heads: 10 to 120m

 33 to 394feet                                      

 Pressures: Up to 1.6Mpa                                       

 Temperatures: Up to 160℃

                         Up to 320℉


 Patented Special Alloy for Wetted Parts.

 ●Double-support structure at driving side: double-row angular contact ball bearing close to drive side balances axial           thrust.

 ●Double-support structure at suction side: one sliding bearing close to suction side balances radial load. Multiple sliding     bearings are available if necessary.

 ●Rolling bearing uses grease refilled straightly through a filling port on bearing housing.

 ●The sliding bearing is lubricated by the fluid handled.

 ●Three impeller types: open, semi-open and closed.

 ● Extended suction pipe is available to lengthening submerged length.



 Simplified structure ensuring stable operation and ease of maintenance.

 ● Steam-jacket prevents medium from solidifying for smooth operation.

 ●Grid coupling ensures better component alignment, vibration absorption and ease of assembly and dismantling.