JHB Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Submerged Pumps

JHB vertical sulfuric acid pumps are designed and manufactured for sulfur chemistry applications. They have been proven in market for years by outstanding performance and reliability. 


  Transport of 93%~98% concentrated sulfuric acid

  Transport of oleum

  Water transport


Key characteristics           

   Capacities: Up to 3200 m³/h

                      Up to 14000 USgpm

    Heads: Up to 55m /180 feet, with single impeller

        Up to 210m /670feet, with two impellers

    Pressures: Up to 1.6 Mpa, with single impeller

              Up to 2.5 MPa, with two impellers                 

    Temperatures: Up to 120

                            Up to 248 ℉



   Patented special alloy for wetted parts.

   ●Double-support structure:

        The one at suction side is equipped with one sliding bearing to balance radial load. Multi-sliding bearings are available when suspended length is above 2.5meter. Another one at driving side is equipped with a pair of double-row angular contact ball bearings to withdraw axial thrust.

   ●The sliding bearing is made of high-chromium-nickel alloy with excellent thermal expansion resistance and lubricated by the fluid handled, which guarantee smoother operation and longer wear life.

   ●Roller bearings are lubricated by grease that could be refilled straightly through a filling port on bearing housing.

   ●Two seal types are leakage free and ease of maintenance. One is packing for concentrated sulfuric acid application and another is dry gas seal for oleum application.

   ●Grid coupling with accurate alignment, vibration absorption and ease of assembly.



  Less maintenance

  ●Less power consumption

  ●More reliable performance