JLF Vertical Slurry Pumps

    JLF is the result of the latest fluid dynamics techniques, years of field and lab testing, and decades of design experience, which has been widely used in phosphoric acid process and non-ferrous metallurgical plants etc for over 20 years.


 ●Phosphate & Compound Fertilizer Plants

 ●Flue Gas Desulfurization Plants

 ●Non-ferrous Metallurgical Plants

 ●Petrochemical plants



Key Characteristics

 Capacities: 10 to 2000 m³/h 

 44 to 8806 gpm

 Heads: 7 to 130 m  

 23 to 426 feet

 Pressures: Up to 1.6 Mpa

 Temperatures: Up to 120℃


 ●Patented special alloy for wetted parts.

 ●Designed based on the concept of solid-liquid two-phase flow and decades of experience.

 ●Three types of impellers, closed, semi-closed and open ones, are available depending on the different properties of medium.

 ●Bearing frame uses grease lubrication.


 ●Tapered mating surface between impeller hub and casing cover to keep medium out and that improves efficiency.

 ●Widening impeller passageway ensuring excellent hydraulic performance.

 ●Auxiliary vanes are both at the front and back shroud of impeller to minimize leakage.

 ●Strong and rigid one-piece bearing frame assembled with two pairs of rolling bearings ensuring better component alignment and smoother operation.

 ●Rigid shaft that can withstand high radial loads assuring longer service life.

 ●Grid coupling for accurate alignment, vibration absorption, ease of assembly and disassembly and long service life.