JH PUMPS is listed in Sulphuric acid on the web

JH PUMPS is listed in sulphuric acid on the web as a recommended vendor

Wendy Liu | Monday, November 2nd2015

Sulphuric Acid on the WebTM is the original web site for information on the design, operation and maintenance of sulphuric acid plants.  This web site offers the only unbiased source of information for the industry.  We have searched the web for information and links so that you don't have to do it yourself.  Links are provided to equipment suppliers, contractors, producers, fabricators, etc. throughout the world.  This is truly a one stop site for information on sulphuric acid.  Information is continually being added to both web site so visit often to learn the latest about the sulphuric acid industry. 

JH PUMPS is listed in equipment suppliers in this website. Similar as LEWIS, Friatec, Moret vertical submerged pump, JH sulphuric acid pumps are designed and manufactured for Sulphur chemistry applications. They are submerged vertical centrifugal pumps, which have been proven in the markets for years.