JH PUMPS are widely used in plants of chemical fertilizer in Vietnam

JH PUMPS are widely used in plants of chemical fertilizer in Vietnam

Joy Xu | Sunday, October 18th, 2015


We has established a lasting and good cooperative relationship with Chemicals Fertilizer JSC of Vietnam by providing various types of centrifugal pumps applied in 160KT/A phosphoric acid plant, 100KT/A GTSP Plant and 50KT/A DCP plant such as JHB vertical concentrated sulfuric acid pumps, JHL/JHXL vertical molten sulfur pumps, JFZ horizontal slurry pumps, JLF/JLZ vertical slurry pumps, JHZ horizontal axial-flow pumps, JLHZ vertical axial-flow pumps and JHC process pumps, etc.. 

Presently JH PUMPS has been the biggest vendor of centrifugal pumps for the giant of chemical fertilizer in Vietnam. Clients are pretty satisfied with our products and service as the reliability and smooth operation. We will be committed to provide higher quality products and better solutions for all friends around the world.